IIoT solution optimises uptime and maintenance activities

PWE Magazine

Svendborg Brakes says its newly launched Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution is empowering the mining industry to boost its operations. PWE reports.

IIOT and Big data optimisation

Businesses can upgrade their existing systems to reach the next level in advanced braking control and predictive maintenance. Users can benefit from the combination of Big Data analytics, Cloud and Edge Computing to optimise equipment’s reliability and service life while reducing the cost and time associated with maintenance.

Predictive maintenance applied to critical machinery

The reliability of brake systems for key mining components, such as conveyor drive stations, bucket wheel excavators and crane applications, is crucial to maintain peak productivity and throughput. Relying on highquality brakes is a good starting point, which can be complemented by advanced data-driven technologies for real-time remote control and condition monitoring, such as the latest offering from Svendborg Brakes, a brand of Altra Industrial Motion Corp.

The solution combines IIoT and data mining technologies to offer remote, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to any existing or new braking systems from Svendborg Brakes’ portfolio. These can be connected to all versions of closed loop control SOBO (Soft Braking Option) systems, including the latest SOBO iQ solution. Users can also benefit from a dedicated IIoT technology to connect with alternative control systems. In all these cases, key information on braking operations and the status of its components is collected on the brake system. Key parameters include system pressure, current state of the brake and its piston, brake fluid level and temperature.

These data are pre-processed by the controller, using Edge Computing, to address time-critical tasks and support a prompt action in the brakes, such as stopping and holding as well as generally all internal processes within brake control systems. Advanced analytics is then performed in the Cloud, in order to assess the conditions of the brakes and develop key predictions to optimise their maintenance. More precisely, actual data and models on usage and wear provide an early warning when component servicing or replacement are required.

End users can access the actionable insight generated by the IIoT solution via a user-friendly condition monitoring platform. As a result, they can benefit from an immediate and comprehensive overview of the braking system. Consequently, they can also schedule accurate maintenance activities and regimes.

Ultimately, businesses in the mining sector can shift from preventative to predictive maintenance. This, in turn heavily reduces the time and cost associated with on-site inspections and maintenance activities at mining facilities, which are often in isolated, outlying locations. Also, the service lives and uptime of braking components are maximised while reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures.

The IIoT solution from Svendborg Brakes is also able to flag any unauthorised access or attempt to open the cabinet door. Therefore, it offers a tool to prevent interference or tampering with the system.