Our Mission

Understanding the What and the Why

We know what it takes to operate industrial assets across the world; Each heavy industry market is a challenging and complex environment with constantly changing market conditions, policies and regulatory frameworks. Our seasoned consultants have been in your shoes, having decades of experience serving in key positions within organizations just like yours.

Making the How a Reality

We combine insight, creativity, data and technology to help your team to unlock growth that is people oriented, transformative and durable. Drawing insights gleaned from other industries, we collaborate with key stakeholders, subject matter experts and technology vendors to jointly define, design, and deliver impactful projects for your organisation.

Strategic planning experience

We work with you to implement practical strategies to accelerate business performance at a pace that’s manageable for your organization. When we look at problem, we slice it down into achievable goals, and tackle them one at a time. When solving incremental tasks, we are able to show deliverables faster and gain feedback that is invaluable for making choices about the next increment.

Our guiding principles

Go to Market strategy


We are committed to doing business with maximum integrity, transparency and accountability and with business partners who share our values. 

 Organisational alignment, operating model design and planning


We believe in the power of experimentation, in challenging the status quo, in optimising and continuously improving – every day to drive long-term sustainable growth and impact.

Implement an OT/IT/IoT data aggregation framework in organizations that accounts for Technology, organizational standards and people


We drive relentlessly towards delivering on our mission, seeing obstacles in our way as essential to help us learn, make the right choices and move us forward.

 Harnessing analytics and AI to create a more successful business environment

Scientific approach

We apply the scientific method to problem-solving. Hypothesis testing before building allows us to make better decisions and create the most impactful solutions.

We adopt Design-Thinking centred approach, to determine your real business needs, your strengths, pain points and then develop a roadmap for your path towards achieving competitive advantage.


We interact with empathy, understand who those dreams will serve, listen and make sure we are building the right solution.
M&A advisory support

Emotional Intelligence

We demonstrate emotional awareness and intelligence in our interactions and believe that one can develop talents and abilities through effort, intentional learning and persistence. 

Working across multiple sectors

Aquantico works with organisations across a range of sectors including Shipping, Maritime Services, Natural Resources, Logistics and Business Services.

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